Global COVID Response

The ability to leverage Sanford Health’s integrated health care model paid huge dividends during the preparedness and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources, priorities and communications were aligned quickly across our health care services divisions, health plan, long-term care facilities and World Clinic locations. The integrated model expedited the decision making process and ensured resources and supplies were deployed to areas most in need. Ultimately, it enabled Sanford Health to maintain a strong workforce to deliver high quality physician-led care including testing, treatments and vaccinations.

In five locations – Costa Rica, New Zealand, Ghana, Vietnam and Klamath Falls, Ore – Sanford has implemented a variety of support measures, processes and advice. We provided leadership support on emergency preparedness planning; implementation of telemedicine; provided education, marketing materials, staffing matrix, electronic medical record documentation, and standards of communication during a threat such as the COVID-19 pandemic among many other processes and protocols. In Costa Rica, we helped develop drive-through COVID-19 testing as a safer and more convenient option for patients. Read more about Costa Rica COVID-19 testing.

Going forward, Sanford is helping to operationalize efforts to combat emerging threats. We continue to apply best practices to other countries using a collaboration model that allows for cultural flexibility while maintaining high standards of care.

Due to our global COVID-19 response efforts, Sanford Health has been asked to join the Global Task Force on Pandemic Response.