New Zealand Story

Sanford World Clinic has partnered with Omni Health in a joint venture in the development of a general practice clinic in the downtown hub of Auckland, New Zealand. Located in the Central Business District, this unique primary care model caters to those who live and work in the area.

This upscale facility includes a pharmacy, physiotherapy, pathology collection, exam rooms, a procedure room and an administrative space for telephone and digital consults. This clinic offers extended-hours care to better engage with a population who typically do not have a primary care provider.

Our Partner – Omni Health, Limited

Omni Health is a primary health care provider delivering medical services across New Zealand. By investing and partnering with practices, Omni Health ensures they perform to their maximum potential and provide the best possible care and advice for their patients. Currently, Omni Health has partnerships with numerous independent clinic offices through the country as they aim to become New Zealand’s leading health care provider.

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New Zealand Locations

Please explore Sanford’s expanding facility list below:

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