Vietnam Story

Sanford World Clinic is collaborating with Victoria Healthcare to further educational opportunities for both organizations. This partnership extends Sanford World Clinic’s existing clinical and management educational programs to Victoria providers, managers and staff. This allows for ongoing communication and strategic engagement for operational up-skilling and provide a platform for additional collaboration.

Our Partner – Victoria Healthcare VietNam

Victoria Healthcare VietNam offers one of the highest standards of health care for the people of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Victoria uses a model familiar to Sanford as “people-centric” care, whereby care always puts the patient first.

Victoria’s four clinics reach Vietnamese and expatriate communities. Their health system utilizes an American state-of-the-art electronic medical record to ensure accuracy, portability, and privacy for its patients, as well as a source for ongoing contact with their doctors.

Sanford World Clinic building
Vietnam Clinic lobby
Vietnam Clinic hall