Costa Rica Story

Sanford World Clinic provides clinical, educational and operational support toward the on-going growth of the Hospital Metropolitano system across Costa Rica. Through the collaboration, Metropolitano engages important expertise in clinic operations, clinical quality, supply chain management, laboratory services and pharmacy operations among other facets of the Sanford Health system.

Our Partner – Hospital Metropolitano

Hospital Metropolitano is the fastest growing private health care organization in Costa Rica. Founded in 2010, its mission is to provide high-value care with affordable cost for middle-income families. Currently, the Hospital Metropolitano network includes two hospitals in San Jose in addition to seven satellite clinics, 23 clinics of corporate medicine, and two centers of excellence (Cancer Care and Mental Health Care). Hospital Metropolitano has become the cornerstone of Grupo Montecristo’s Medical Division that also holds the Medismart Prepaid Medicine Plan, a chain of clinic laboratories, and an emergent and fast-growing chain of dental care clinics.

Front of Hospital
Front of clinic Hospital Metropolitano