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Locations Exploring

Experts in global health care

We provide health and healing around the world

The models implemented in each location are unique to the specific need and opportunity presented in those markets.
We closely examined each location and develop individualized programs designed to improve the human condition for children and families in each community.

Sustainable health care

Customized health care service models

Improving the human condition

The Sanford Story

World Clinic Personality

Compassionate caregivers.

We are driven by our quest to offer children and families
access to primary health care services.

Global navigators.

We are explorers discovering how to translate medical care
into a system that is accessible and sustainable in
communities throughout the world.

Lifetime learners.

We are lifetime knowledge seekers who embrace learning
new ways of thinking in order to develop stronger services
and collaborations with our global health care partners.

Community partners.

We are a global family whose roots run far and wide. We are
committed to developing long-term solutions to preserve
and expand humanity’s fundamental right of access to health